Meme Tattoos

Who says internet memes don't last? Some people have the most fleeting memes tattoos on their bodies. Imagine trying to explain to your grandchildren why those things were so important to you that you had them permanently inked into your skin. Ranker has a list of ten memes, some with more than one tattoo found. A couple pics are NSFW. Link

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Maybe it's me, but most tattoos just look like giant scabs.

BTW Miss Cellania- did you notice how tattoists are trying to prevent TLC from airing this 'Tattoo School' program? They probably fear they'll be exposed as artless hacks who'll be outclassed by some talentless nobody on a reality show.
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Tattoos often seem so short-sighted to me. There are only a few things in life that will remain important to me when I'm old, and those things are important enough that I don't need constant, fading visual reminders, permanently printed on my body.
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"Meme Tattoos"

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