21 Things You Won't Believe You Can Learn On eHow

Geekosystem has a hilarious list of subjects you won't believe eHow claims it can teach you. I particularly like the one above and "how to use superglue to fix a tooth," which is conveniently followed by "how to remove superglue from a tooth." You stay classy eHow.


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eHow is a content farm that whores out any and all dribble in order to score web hits.

What's amazing is not only are people dumb enough to go to eHow, they're even more dumb because they actually click on the advertisements (which is the whole point of eHow).
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It's too bad that eHow lessons are some of the WORST ways to learn anything. They're mostly a series of lists with no illustrations and vague wording.

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every now and then i will 'try' to bring a pen or paperclip to come to me using my mind (sans fingers)before actually picking it up with my fingers. never works but who knows maybe it will someday.
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"How to stop a dog from eating feces" actually sounds like a useful article. "How to Pretend To Be A Girl" could also be useful, I suppose. The rest, not so much.
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