The Lady with 700 Cats

Lynea Lattanzio wanted her own cat when she was little, and her mother said "no." Now, she has more than 700:

"I bet she's sorry now!" says Lynea Lattanzio, referring to her mother's forbiddance of felines in the house. Founder and owner of California's largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary, Lattanzio lives with more than 700 cats. Boxes of abandoned kittens, emergency CPR, meds for sick strays — each day brings a new set of challenges to her refuge on 12 acres in central California.

Nat Geo WILD has the story:

Link - Thanks Minjae!

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I really admire you for what you are doing. It takes a very passionate and compassionate person to devote themselfe to such a worthwhile cause. I have been married with cats and unmarried with cats. I prefer staying unmarried with cats.
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I've been married with cats and single with cats - and I must say I prefer my cats to marriage. I have 7 now and people are surprised that I even have a cat. Imagine their shock when I tell them I have seven. If people will spay/neuter their cat as kittens they will not spray. The smell comes from lazy, uncommited owners who simply won't change the box. Blame the owner not the cat. Educate yourself before making such mis-informed statements- psssst - your ignorance is showing. How embarrasing!
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The Cat House on the Kings does have a loving, caring staff, and a special group of volunteers that aid in keeping the place in order and rid of funky smells. If you have time in your busy schedule please visit us!

Call 559-896-8696 to schedule an appointment.


A No kill shelter, Life time sanctuary, and adoption center.
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Vonskippy, many women would prefer single-with-cats to putting up with an a** like you in their lives....

@ those with comments about the "smell", unless you have actually visited this woman's property (or have a prototype of smell-o-vision), you cannot possibly know what the place smells like... with proper methods in place to deal with waste (and the place appears to be VERY clean), there should be no overt "smell" to the property....

as for the birds, SOME cats are hunters, but not ALL will kill birds or mice... if a cat is well fed, it has no reason to hunt down wildlife and kill it...

@ those who advocate killing... whether the life you advocate taking is a person or an animal, it is still a life, given by a power you do not understand, for purposes that you cannot know... you are not qualified to judge this person, and no one should be allowed to deprive a living creature of the life given to it...

I take comfort in the fact that karma WILL deal with all of us, one day... this woman, and any other protector of living things, will be rewarded for her compassion... and those with no compassion for life, will get their own "reward"....
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It must smell FANTASTIC there! Not like cat piss & crap at all!
I'm sure what she's doing is wonderful, but ugh.. we have one cat and that's enough.
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