6 Famous People Whose Identities We Still Don't Know

In this day and age of instant stardom, it's hard to believe that someone can make a public splash and then fade into the background and remain anonymous forever. But a few managed to do that in the past, and were never found out -yet. For example, the fellow at the left who stood in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989.
The bystander, holding shopping bags, blocked a line of tanks heading into the square, and then climbed onto a tank and started talking to the crew. This happened for a few minutes until two random people ran up and dragged him away before the tank crew could contemplate how they would clean their tank treads of protester.

That man, who briefly stopped the government tanks all by himself and appeared in one of the most iconic photos and pieces of video in world history, was never heard from again.

Of course, no one will say who he is either to protect him or to cover up what may have happened to him. Other mysteries in this Cracked article are just hard to explain. Link -via Digg

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This website is designed horribly! I clicked on "Next" which would be the most logical thing to do when you want to see the next entry. Not "Link via Digg"; that makes the user think that the link is only for the Tiananmen Square story.
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good god, shouldn't be that damned hard to find a link to finish reading an article! you need to hire a different web designer! after almost three minutes, and looking using the hint above I finally found it! to find it blocked by web filter software.... not worth the hassle of reading this....
only reason I gave it two extra minutes is because the suggestion is in the comments confirming there IS a link on the page.... not the nice obvious "next" link either.... sheesh!
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