Which Would Help You Lose Weight: Eating with a Large or Small Fork?

Quick, which would help you eat less and lose weight: eating with a large fork or a small one? It made sense to me that the small one would be the answer - because you'd eat less food at a go - but science has proven otherwise:

People who use big forks eat less compared with diners who use small forks — but only when eating from a plate loaded with food, according to a new study.

Over a period of two days, researchers from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City monitored customers at an Italian restaurant during two lunches and two dinners. With one of the study's authors and two research assistants serving as waiters, the researchers assigned either large forks or small forks to certain tables.

The fork assignments were rotated after every meal, and the ordered plates of food were weighed on a food scale before they were brought to the customers. After the plates were brought back to the kitchen, either empty, with leftovers to be disposed of, or needing to be boxed to take home, they were weighed again.

The findings showed that when the initial quantity of food was more, with a well-loaded plate, diners with small forks ate significantly more than those with large forks. That may be because diners feel they are not eating enough of their food when using the smaller fork and are therefore not satisfying their hunger, according to the researchers.

LiveScience explains: Link

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Neither eating with a large nor with a small fork will help you lose weight.

I'm glad I could solve this for you, now maybe you should close this blog because your topics are beyond stupidity and I could find nonsense like this in any gossip magazine.

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The 2 highest predictors of the volume of food we eat at a single meal are the selection of food on offer - the more selections, the more we eat, and the number of people we eat with - the more people we eat with, the more we eat.
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