Jellyfish Cause 4 Nuclear Reactor Shutdowns

Four reactors in Japan, Scotland and Israel were recently shutdown after jellyfish blocked the screens used to filter out the seawater needed to cool down the reactors. Apparently there have been dozens of similar shut downs over the last few decades and scientists still are struggling to figure out why there has been such a large increase in the jellyfish population.


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"scientists still are struggling to figure out why there has been such a large increase in the jellyfish population."
Uh....could it be because there's a NUCLEAR REACTOR there? Jeez, didn't they watch all those crappy sci-fi movies as kids? And what the f*<k ever happened to the less dangerous Thorium reactors?
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Y'know, i have, since I was little having to suffer interruptions in my syndicated after-school TV from Three-Mile-Island meltdown reports, always had a visceral reaction to nuclear power plants. Why is this? Because my fucking instinct is impeccable and to be wholly trusted for one, and two.... nuclear power plants are FUCKING INSANE!

In the past 3 months there have been, (not including Clusterfuckishima) around 6 plants in the U.S. and Canada experiencing leakage. Nuclear Power is fucking toxic, and if Nikola Tesla was here today he'd grab his fucking EtherRailgun and walk into the NRC and start making changes.

Humanity's favorite past-time: Suffering ass-violation at the hands of the twisted human garbage making decisions.
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"Jellyfish Cause 4 Nuclear Reactor Shutdowns"

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