World War II Bombers May Have Affected The Weather

Climatologists have found that the bomber planes used in World War II may have changed the temperature of the ground below with the contrails they left in their wake. Contrails are air vapor trails left by certain aircraft, and they affect climate by trapping heat below like a thermal barrier while reflecting incoming solar heat back up into the atmosphere. Research has shown that, by measuring the contrail information which was tracked by pilots, climatologists can measure the effect they had on global climate.


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Ryan S: A minor correction, it isn't only jets that can produce contrails. Prop planes do also as seen in the
photo of the B-17. Those mega thingies sound like some nasty stuff! Can aircraft reach the altitudes were they form? Hitting one at 600 knots could ruin your whole day.

(guess I best add another layer to my tin foil hat)
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There may have been an effect on weather (not climate, as we are repeatedly scolded), though I think it more likely the water condensation forming "particulates" around which clouds could form than CO2. After the US Civil War it was noted that many battles were rained on, or rain closely followed, which led to a small [scam] industry firing cannon in attempts to start rain. Later, cloud "seeding" by planes dumping various substances (yes, including CO2 in the form of "dry" ice) was tried.
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Contrails are not the same as Chemtrails. Contrails are real phenomena following behind jet engines. Con(-densation)trails are visible anytime a jet flies by. Chem(-ical)trails are the conspiracy theorists method for releasing toxic chemicals on unsuspecting civilians.

There may, however, actually be a link between contrails and megachryometeors. We don't know for sure, but they have something to do with condensation building up in the upper layers of atmosphere, they form large balls of ice which are held up by air pressure until they reach a weight enough to fall through the pressure barrier, then they come screaming down to earth and blow up someone's house.
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