Great Pics of Soldiers Goofing Around

With so many boring days sitting around on the base, soldiers are known to relieve the boredom and stress of their jobs by goofing around. Environmental Graffiti has some great photos of these playful occurrences for your viewing pleasure.


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I spent my time being bored, by not being bored. It's a little mystical exercise I've developed. Whenever I feel bored; I reflect on my boredom as if the lyric from Metallica's "Struggle Within" were true - boredom sets into a boring mind.

Actually, I just stop being bored, and find some amusement in not being bored for the sake of not being bored when boredom would otherwise overtake me. Consequently I'm almost never bored, certainly not enough to do anything like this. It has a habitual effect to it, almost as if concentrating on not being bored means I'm less apt to be bored in the future. Wheras, I submit that clinging to psychological states of boredom can form a habit of being bored.

But I find an endless maze of weirdness in my own mind, like this feeling of being bored which can so easily be tossed out for a feeling of not being bored.
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Very nice! It's important to relax for a while, going abroad to kill people must be exhausting! Al these images in your head of the kids you just murdered, you have to take it with humor or it can be dangerous for your mental health!
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"Great Pics of Soldiers Goofing Around"

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