Crime by the Hour

Think that crimes happen in the dark of the night? Trulia Insights compiled crime statistics from 25 big cities in the United States and discovered that while crime doesn't pay, it seems to clock in from 9 to 5 (plus nightshift in some cities) like the rest of us working stiffs.

3AM: When the Devil’s Off Duty
According to the “Exorcism of Emily Rose,” 3AM is the devil’s hour, but backed by hundreds of thousands of data points over a bunch of cities, we disagree. Judging by the volume of crime at this hour, it looks pretty safe to us.

Check it out – so if you made graphs illustrating when criminal activity goes up and down over a 24 hour period for a bunch of U.S. cities (which we did), and then overlaid them on top of each other (look at the pretty picture below if you’re not following), you’ll see a very distinct early morning dip in crime between 3AM and 7AM. Conclusion: it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be struck by a smooth criminal in the dead of the night ‘cause the devil appears to be crashed out during his allotted “hour.”


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One more thing; of course there is less crime in the wee hours of the morn' we are all asleep. We don't commit crimes until we have to go to work in the morning.
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It's funny if you add all these statistics up it begins to look like the average person is a lying, cheating, stealing bastard. But we hide it from each other so well don't we?
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The myth probably came about because most people do not understand criminology. They think a criminal is someone who chose the dark side, or someone who lost a banjo-duel with the devil. They don't realize that crime is primarily property crime commited by the average citizen (i.e. themselves). The bulk of crime statistics are the result of workplace and other larceny. Think about it the next time you steal a pen or a stapler from work.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, of a total of 20,057,180 crimes in 2009; 15,580,510 of them were "propery crimes". The majority (over 11,000,000) are non-burglary, non-automotive, larceny theft.

The FBI relates:

?Larceny-thefts accounted for an estimated 67.9 percent of property crimes in 2009.
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It makes sense to me with the bulk of the crime in a lot of the cities being burglary. The daytime hours are when the highest number of people's homes are empty because the homeowners are at work. If someone wants to break into a house and steal stuff, they are most likely to pick when there's less chance of running into someone there and less chance of neighbors being home to notice and witness it.
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So what if there's less crime late at night. It's dangerous to be out because the few criminals who are out have even fewer prey to choose from.
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