An Absolutely Amazing Dollhouse

I've always been impressed with dollhouses, but this particular one owned by silent filmstar Colleen Moore is truly amazing. Its opulent interior includes a mural of Cinderella painted by Walt Disney himself and chandeliers with real diamonds and emeralds. Read more about it over at Mental Floss.


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Thanks Ted - I still refuse to accept it's true. I believe the museum made a mistake, which makes it even more worthwhile to correct. There is no evidence Disney himself ever produced any work as a fine artist. He was a creative businessman with vision who couldn't even draw his own creation, Mickey Mouse, very well. I've contacted an animation art historian for further insight.

Not sure why this seems so important to me, but hell, if everyone who knows something is inaccurate went to pains to correct it, the world would have a lot less B.S. in it. If it does prove to be true, I'll be the first to pay for a ticket to see an exhibit of Walt's long-lost works of fine art.
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Googled it. Taken from the web site at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, where most of the content of the article appears to have been lifted:

"It will delight you with its tiny treasures—including murals and paintings painted by Walt Disney himself; chandeliers adorned with real diamonds, emeralds and pearls; the tiniest bible ever to be written, dating back to 1840; and ancient statues more than 2,000 years old."

I would hope the Museum has done its research.
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PREFACE: The following is the same comment I posted on the original Mental Floss article.

I am highly skeptical that "Walt Disney himself" painted the Cinderella mural as stated in the article. Where is your proof of this? What source can you cite? Walt was ultimately not much of an artist and this is so far outside anything known about the man. I would be less wary to accept that the work was created by a Disney Studio artist, but even that is highly unlikely given the year. Walt was practically a nobody for most of 1928, until November when his talking mouse first hit it big. His animators were largely low-rent cartoonists at the time, not yet the artistic innovators the man would later assemble and develop.

The dollhouse, if completed in 1928 as implied, pre-dates his first princess film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by nearly a decade. It is also worth noting that the painting bares no resemblance to Disney's version of Cinderella, which wasn't even released until 1950.

I respectfully request a little research into the matter and encourage you to publish your findings here. Something is grossly wrong here. My suspicion is that you may have misinterpreted something written by someone with little knowledge of Walt Disney. It's easy to imagine something along the lines: "A mural of Cinderella so exquisite that it appears to have been painted by Walt Disney himself," which, to a non-discerning eye, could easily lead one astray.

For the sake of keeping misinformation from spreading, please correct this as necessary.
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