Woof vs. Meow

I fall under the group of "cat people," though I admit that this isn't exactly by choice. The fact that I have a cat but no dog indicates a little bit about my personality, according to a survey by hunch.com. For instance, I am more likely than dog people to skew liberal, live in a city, own an Android device, and be self-professedly fashion-challenged. (Two of these are correct; I'll leave the guessing up to you.)

What does your pet-owner status say about you? Check out the infographic at Hunch and find out. Link

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I heard this is achieved using deductive reasoning;

A man runs into an old friend and the old friend says "Hey, haven't seen you in a long time, what have you been up to."

The man says "I've been studying deductive reasoning. You know what that is?

The friend says "No, please explain it to me."

The man says: "Ok, here, I noticed you were in the hardware store looking at lawn-mowers. To be a man who needs a lawn-mower, you must own your own house and have a fair-sized lawn to go with it."

The friend "You are right, wow, cool."

The man says "See, but to have a lawn that large you'd probably have to be married and have kids, right?"

The friend "Yea! Right! I have 2 kids and lovely wife at home."

The man "Well thats it, I figured it out using deductive reasoning."

The two depart and the friend runs into another long-lost classmate "Hey, I just saw Jim, he is doing great, he told me all about deductive reasoning."

Classmate "How does that work, explain it to me."

Friend "Well, let me ask you something, do you own a lawn-mower?"

Classmate "No, I don't"

Friend "Then you must be gay."
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