Flesh Eating Cocaine

This may sound like an anti drug scare film, but according to Good Morning America a new type of cocaine is hitting the streets of Los Angeles and New York that will eat your flesh.
It seems cocaine has been behind a rash of flesh-eating disease outbreaks in Los Angeles and New York. Cocaine cut with the veterinary drug, levamisole has apparently been linked to a number of cases of rotting flesh, according to Good Morning America. While the cases reported thus far have been on the coasts, officials have warned that it could very well be a nationwide problem.


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Getting a better dealer isn't an option. Dealers aren't adding it, suppliers are. It's estimated to be in about 80% of the cocaine in the US.

The Stranger (an awesome alt paper in Seattle) has done an excellent series of articles on Levamisole-tainted cocaine.

Below is a link to one of the articles. They also have articles on where to get levamisole test kits and how to make them yourself.

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Levamisole is a drug used in veterinary medicine most commonly prescribed to treat a variety of parasitic worms-In humans it tends to reduce the production and amount of white blood cells making coca fiends' who buy the cola cut with this weight-increasing bullshit more susceptible to all manner of bacterial infections that would normally never get a foot-hold in one's body.

Solution: Get a better dealer.
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What is surprizing is that it hasn't happened before. Seriously, this is a completely un-monitor-able situation. Amazing we haven't seen this sort of infectious contamination regularly.

And, how can the FDA get on a substance that isn't legal or regulated? How would they do anything about it?
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