Foursquare Application Turns New York City into a Giant Game of RISK

World of Fourcraft is a new computer game that lets Foursquare users in New York City participate in a version of the classic world conquest board game Risk:

Users decide which team they are on by swearing allegiance to one of New York City’s five boroughs. Checking into a neighborhood on Foursquare is the online game’s equivalent to placing plastic man on a country in the board game. An algorithm decides who owns each neighborhood using the number of people who have checked into it on each team. There are currently about 100 players.

Link and Official Website -via Geekosystem | Image: World of Fourcraft

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Got lots of "World of..." time-sinks. I easily wasted a few months of life playing WoW. Then I realized it is utterly pointless and stressful. Gotta get high enough fire-resistance so I can go to Molten Core. Oh! A new expansion comes out. Now everyone is going to Zul'Grub instead of Molten Core, gotta seek out poison-resistence. Oh! Now we are going somewhere else. I spent months collecting fire-resistence gear for several raid members only to have the raid abandon Molten Core when the expansion came out. It became evidently clear to me that time spent on the game was time wasted, and I let go of my dream of acquiring the year-long meta-achievement for all the event-days. Thinking is much more rewarding.

If you like Risk, try playing Lux Delux, it is a pretty basic game, but fun to waste a few minutes on.
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