Driverless Car Law Passed in Nevada

Are you sick of your long commute to work and wish you could take a nap or read the web while on the road? Soon you may be able to obtain a license for a car that can drive itself. While such a vehicle may be a few years off, the state of Nevada is getting legislation in place that will allow for the implementation of hands free driving.

As we mentioned, among the bill’s requirements is for Nevada’s DMV to set guidelines by which a person obtains an autonomous vehicle driver’s licenses. The seemingly contradictory license is made even more so by the bill’s language: “The driver’s license endorsement…must…recognize the fact that a person is not required to actively drive an autonomous vehicle.” But of course guidelines must be set when operating a vehicle that navigates city streets, stops for pedestrians, etc. I’m guessing these ‘drivers’ won’t actually be allowed to nap on the way to work (at least not yet, but that is the whole point, isn’t it?), and they’re definitely going to have to know where the kill switch is in case of a malfunction.


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"Are you sick of your long commute to work and wish you could take a nap or read the web while on the road?"

Isn't that what public transportation is all about?
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Goldengrl: What is going wrong today is that over 1,000,000 people a year are killed in traffic accidents. All indications are driverless cars will be safer.

Ernest: Why should we pay someone to do something a computer can do better. Then the humans drivers can move on to doing tasks that are better for humans and we'd all be better off.

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They should invent big cars that many people could ride in without driving. It could be controlled by one person who could be paid to drive it while everyone else was busy reading or sleeping.
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