Don't Anger A Crow -He'll Remember You

A new study shows that crows remember people's faces and will recruit other crows to attack those that have wronged them. Even weirder -the crows that joined in the mobbing will also remember that person and may lead an attack on their own later on, despite the fact that the individual may never have done anything to them.

Link Image via Lucina M [Flickr]

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I was going to my girlfriend's house years ago, and a bunch of crows were picking on this other crow that had a broken wing and couldn't fly. I grabbed the injured crow to save it from the others, and sure enough, the others were dive bombing me the entire time as I ran back to my car. I had to quickly roll up my window so they couldn't get inside the car. And yes, they dive bombed me every time I returned, too.

The crow I saved, however, quickly became very affectionate and trusting of me. It would balance on my wrist every where I'd take it—outside to neighbors' houses, etc.—even after it was able to fly again. And he loved to nuzzle; just really push the top of his head into the side of your neck, much like a cockatoo. Edgar Allen Crow was a sweet pet.

I did the same thing with a seagull whose wings were frozen, and who was dive bombed by a bald eagle, but THAT bird never became trusting of me, and made my whole house smell TERRIBLE.
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We had a bunch of crows think they owned the patch of yard next to our pond. The kids couldn't get withing 50 meters without being swarmed on. Luckily it was only about 200 meters from the back of the barn - a nice little scoped shot for a .223. Boy that was fun - too bad the crows decided to annoy someone else after about 15 of their comrades went "poof" in a cloud of blood and feathers. Evolution - it pays to be on top.
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I had a wild crow that used to stop by for breakfast every morning. She remembered where my cars were parked. One day I left a car in a different spot (under her favorite tree). She complained loudly and I had to move it back!
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This is true...while in Jr. High School, I was walking to school and came across some tiny birds that had fallen out of their nest and were pretty much dead.

I stopped to examine the scene and no sooner had I done so, than I found a crow cawing loudly and swooping for my head.

That damn crow chased me all the way down the block. I was so terrified that I hid under the front porch of a house. The crow persisted to get on the ground and wait there for about 30 minutes.

I ended up running back home with the crow chasing me the whole way.

My mother didn't believe me - but told me to walk another way.

That day, I remembered to walk home via the alternate route - and the crow saw me from the tops of the trees and chased me again. Again - terrified, I crouched under a low hanging tree.

This continued for two or three days - at one point I cried I was so frustrated.

To this day - when I tell the story - people mock me because they think I'm a wimp for being scared. But there is nothing like a bird swooping at your head over and over again.

It really is scary!
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