Masterchef Synesthesia

(YouTube link) I've never watched the TV show MasterChef, but if it were edited like this, I might make the effort to tune in. This video is a Swede Mason production. -via Arbroath

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definitely talking about BASS.

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Well it certainly diminishes the clinical usage of the term, but V.S. Ramachandran does have a point. Metaphor is essentially a synaesthesic operation. To demonstrate that "We are all synaesthetes" Ramachandran presents an audience at TEDTalks with two images with the names "Bouba and Kiki" and asks them to guess which is which, the audience guesses correctly. This has become known as the Bouba-Kiki Effect.

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Interesting; it reminds me of a video game called "Synaesthesia" which is like a side-scrolling rhythm game. I wondered the relationship there too. But perhaps it is like Vilaynur S. Ramachandran says "We are all synaesthetes" when we combine visual and auditory modalities.
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"Masterchef Synesthesia"

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