Elderly Woman Fed Cannabis to Rabbits

Police in Brandenburg, Germany found a plot of marijuana plants. Upon inquiry, they talked to an elderly woman who said she had been feeding the weeds to her pet rabbits.
“The rabbits really like it,” the woman told officers who called on her in the village of Golzow near Belzig, according to Saturday’s Tagesspiegel.

A police officer had seen the healthy, metre-high plants from the road while on his way to work and told his colleagues, who visited the plot’s owner – the elderly woman.

She told them that she had not grown the plants herself, but that they had simply started growing there, and had proven to be excellent rabbit food. Not only did the rabbits love eating the plants, they grew back very quickly after she cut them down, she told the investigating officers.

Officers did not charge the woman, but did cut the plants down. Link

(Unrelated image credit: Flickr member shesaleo)

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The original German article can be found here: http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/hanfplantage-bei-84-jaehriger-entdeckt-frau-nutzte-pflanzen-als-kaninchenfutter/4323860.html

It also says that if the THC ratio is lower than the one constituted by German regulations, she can keep the plants. (Of course they'll grow back.) You are actually allowed grow hemp agriculturally in Germany, as long as the THC ratio isn't too high.

And the way they just grew wild on that old lady's vacant lot makes the police believe that it couldn't have been a commercial plantation. I guess they just grew sporadically around the place, perfectly out in the open, and they weren't, say, irrigated.

Hmmm, I've always wondered if the more potent versions of the stuff might work agaist migraine... Bet those rabbits don't get headaches that often :P
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Drugs are bad for you, it's a simplification but let's agree for the sake of argument. But unhealthy food is also bad for you and I don't see any laws against that being passed.
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