What's In The Box? Transformers

Hey, Neatoramanauts - it's time to play that game again where you try to guess what's in the box and get a chance to win, win, win! This time, the mysterious box showed up from DreamWorks, with the Transformers logo on it.

You might recall we did this a while ago with Iron Man 2. Contest rules are simple:

1. Try and figure out what's in the box! Leave your comment on our Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag: #transformer

2. Head on over to the NeatoShop and take a look at our wide selection of Funny T-Shirts. Pick one that you'd like (please include size and color).

One entry per comment, please. If you don't enter both, you forfeit the prize, mmkay? First person to guess the content of the Transformers Box correctly wins whatever's inside. Two more people - picked at random - will win the T-shirts they selected. You can enter as many comments or tweets as you'd like.

Got that? Good luck!

i hate to spoil the fun, and i would love to cheat, but there is another website that received one of these and has pics up of the contents. nerdbastards.com i believe. sorry to be a pooper. btw if i were to win a good doobie award i'm an XL shirt. :)
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Bummble Bee cupcakes! I know it's not likely but the idea just popped into my head and it was so wonderous I knew I must share!
OZ short version, ladies xxl (or xl if that's the biggest), light blue please :)
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Actually my real guess would be that it's prbably some new toys from the new movie, but, not being A huge fan of the rebooted Transformers I don't know the new movie's title or who those figures would be so that's probably not specific enough. lol Probably some swag too. I hope you enjoy it whatever it is!

Still would like OZ short version, ladies xxl (or xl if that's the biggest), light blue please
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Im hoping the Tranformer goodies would be better than a mask and t-shirt. Ive also heard about a cool new transformers competition, it looks quite good. Just speading the good news to fellow Tranformers enthusiasts.
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