Swittle The Japanese Liquid Pick Up Machine

I have seen everything now. This device is able to pick up a glob of ketchup and keep the glob completely intact. The video at the link demonstrates several practical industry applications for the “Swittle.” Unless this is an elaborate hoax, this device looks amazing; now when I eat French fries I will have an easy way of getting sauce off my shirt.


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I read somewhere it could be used by bakers to transport dough that is too soft to be lifted without mishaping its form (like an uncooked pretzel). I don't see why they can't just shape the dough straight on the baking tray though.
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I believe that a machine like this would work. However, I think this might be a solution looking for a problem. Can anyone think of a situation where this would be useful?
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I saw this featured on tv recently (here in Japan). They set a challenge for the maker Mr. Tsubaki to go to this restaurant which serves a dessert that is meringue balanced on strawberries and cream.The dessert is totally wobbly. They had to pick up the dessert and transfer it to another plate without it toppling over which the machine completed successfully.

The stuff they pick up in the video is ketchup and mayonnaise, the bottles you see are as they come packaged here. And remember the voice over may not have been the person at the event. So he might be saying what he believes it to be. It's not wax models as suggested.

I'm not sure about the potato chip reference that FrogC4 made I don't see any potato chips in the video. The yellow packages are refill pouches for some kind of bath gel /cleaner.
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Yes the current model was performing slower. However, it can perform 24/7 without rest, breaks, pay, or benefits. It would never go on strike, call in sick, or sexually harass a coworker.

Production models would move quite a bit quicker. It needs something to maintain the position of the bag, if it moved to quickly the bag would just fall off. It could potentially pack hundreds of times faster than a human hand.
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