Seven-Year Old Driver Just Wanted To See His Dad

Photograph: Huron County sheriff office/AP

When Michigan police responded to a report of an underage driver they were led on a twenty mile chase by a little boy in pajamas . His mother was sleeping after working a night shift and had not noticed that he was gone. The boy was apparently trying to drive to his father's home about 15 miles away. The obvious question is, "Where did the little guy learn how to drive?"


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More to the point, how did a seven year old manage to operate the controls and see over the dash at the same time?

Oh and @Babycakes, the UK didn't cover the story a newspaper in the UK did. Pedantry aside you'll find that most of the news media around the world run kooky foreign stories especially if the story has a human interest angle.
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Kids can be amazing. My younger daughter used to copy every move I made driving while she was in the shot gun seat. When she turned 16, she got her license right away. I later found out doing the emulating helped her deal with car sickness.
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