Japanese Law Forbids Computer Viruses

If you spend your days writing Trojan code or sending malware to thousands of hapless email address owners, you'd better steer clear of the Land of the Rising Sun. Otherwise it could cost you $6,200 in bail or three years in jail.
[T]he bill that criminalizes the creation or distribution of computer virus was finally enacted last Friday by Japan’s parliament. The law also includes provisions regarding punishment that will be meted out to people who have been caught sending pornographic images to random people.

These laws are meant to crack down on the dirty web of cybercrime; however, some parts of the law border on infringing the privacy of communications as it allows data to be obtained or subpoenaed by authorities from servers for investigation when necessary.

Japan is the first country to enact and implement such a law. Hopefully, we’ll be able to gauge the effectivity of passing the law a few months down the line.

Link | Image: Dvice

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Good thing Japan has all their other problems (radioactive wasteland, corporate corruption, lack of electrical power, revolving door politicians, lying to the public, tanking economy, women's rights, aging population, racist attitudes, etc) solved so they can tackle these who-gives-a-frack issues. And people think America's government is useless.
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Japan is the LAST, not the first developed country to have these kinds of laws, but in their defense fewer viruses come out of japan than any other country.
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