Two Men Run Wild in Empty Airport Terminal

What would you do if you connecting flight was canceled and you were stuck in the Dallas Forth-Worth airport all night? If you were photographer Joe Ayala and friend Larry Chen you would make an epic video when you discover you are seemingly the only people in the terminal. The duo drank beer from ice cream dishes and had a wheel chair race amongst other funny  stunts.
DFW airport board member Betty Culbreath says while it may have been a prank, it sent the wrong message. “It’s not funny. It’s not going to happen again as far as I’m concerned. It should not have happened because it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded and that’s why I was concerned, and am still concerned.”


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I was going to give you a whole run-down of deceptive techniques that, when combined, are pretty solid cons. I was also going to suggest ways to detect cons and even elaborate on the condition of humans that makes us ripe for deception. But I think I'll leave it as is. Unless there is high demand for such description, which presumably there isn't.
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I would sit quietly and read a book. Then I would read another book. If I ran out of books, I'd buy one from the airport bookstore.

With dignity you also have indignity. I'd rather do without either. I'll do what is required and no more. If people cannot have respect for necessity and guard against excess, I can vacate. If mistreatment of the human is a requirement for air travel. I'll stay home.

Guards generally, are only to keep so-called "honest" people honest. The average person, and that means you and I, have a tendency to go off the rails when there is nothing keeping us on track. Make us the guards and we fly right off. I know of, and have practiced techniques (in my earlier years) of deception which render pretty much all security measures useless. They play right into basic human cognition and completely deceive their victims. I'll give you an example I got from a cop: An officer is patrolling late at night when he observes 3 or 4 men moving electronics into a van from a nearby retail store. He drives his cruiser into the parking lot and gets out. The men moving the electronics don't scatter and they don't stop moving product. They wait for the officer to ask them questions and they casually answer. It went something like this:

Officer: What are you doing?
Thief: Moving Electronics.
Officer: It's kind of late to be doing this.
Thief: I know, orders came in at the last minute, I wish it were otherwise, but that's business. We are struggling to get them out the door as it is.
Officer: Well, maybe I can give you a hand with them and get you home a bit earlier.

Apparently the officer was pretty humiliated when he told his precinct what happened and they turned him onto the truth of the matter. But he shouldn't have been, these techniques are pretty safe. Mind you, it takes some skill to not lose it, and once you have the skill its easy to get obsessed with the power.
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"it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded"

The airport is sitting out there unguarded. TSA seems to only hire people from the Barney Fife school of nonsense. Anyone with a IQ higher then a cow pie can outsmart the TSA. Luckily there hasn't been any terrorist actions to stop - otherwise the security theater would need to get a new venue.
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