10 Global Businesses That Worked With The Nazis

This list details how current global brands and companies worked with history’s most hated regime. Some of these businesses were German to begin with, but what I thought was an urban legend about Fanta being made by the Coca Cola company specifically for war time Germany turns out to be true.

It’s scary just how efficient the Nazis were at directing an entire country, including its population and industry, towards their evil goals. Everyone knows about the big three corporations that worked with the Nazis. Hugo Boss designed the intimidating uniforms of the SS (as well as the drabber brown shirts of the SA and the the Hitler Youth); Volkswagen designed the Beetle at Hitler’s behest and churned them out using slave labor; and IBM designed the punch cards that were used to systematize the extermination of people by race and class.


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^^^ I disagree-The model for these mega-corps is similar to a far-reaching, long-term sensibility like the Chinese dynastic imperative. Build upon what has been established, wait until the time is ripe for some consolidation and overhaul in the form of enslaving or eliminating, whichever is more cost-effective-and humanity....Get the hell out of our way now.

The Nazis are still here-They just don't wear those poncy uniforms anymore, the assholes.
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Just because a company did something seventy or eighty years ago it doesn't follow that the people there now sympathise in any way.

He an awful lot of Americans were Nazi sympathisers. Does that make the American nation today Nazi's?

Oh, hang on. Maybe I see the point.
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