Stained Glass AK-47

deviantART user shanti1971 made this piece entitled "The End of the Revolution". That's a poppy sticking out of the end of the barrel. The poppy is a traditional symbol of remembrance for the war dead, especially those of World War I, in the UK and much of the Commonwealth.

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I know most of us don't think that far ahead. I actually did some research on it because it disgusted me that so many people would insist on wearing a poppy whithout any historical understanding, or otherwise, of what happened or why it happened. I thought "They are just wearing it like a badge, because it's the thing to do, and that doesn't help at all, it just diminishes actual rememberance to a childish bandwagon of tradition."

And so I suspected the veteran's would be breaking even or possibly losing funds on poppy pin production, I had no idea it would be 50%, but the veteran's don't complain because their stated goal is just to get everyone wearing them and provide a visual reminder. Any donations are supposed to go to widows or veteran's, but there isn't any. Instead they have to come up with money to pay for all the good-guy badges.

Which is why I find our societies so dismal, because of stuff like this, what a sick world. Its all about appearances, which is the realm of looking good, i.e. egotism. Consequently I've resolved to donating a minimum of $1 and leaving the poppies in the tray. There is enough egotists around the remind us all by wearing the poppy. I'll buy 5 of their poppies and listen to them chide me for being unpatriotic.
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Hmm, not quite the Canterbury Cathedral, but colorful none-the-less and a very interesting message. But to add something to our understanding of the poppy. Those little pins cost an average of $0.20/each to produce and the average donation before taking one to pin on like a good-guy badge is $0.10.

Personally I think it is great to remember war, particularly let us remember what caused the war, but that is not our concern here, our concern is appearing to be considerate and patriotic citizens, and that is why we take the badge at half the production cost and let the veterans pay the rest.
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