Mind Your Step

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Mind Your Step is an art installation in Stockholm, Sweden by artist Erik Johansson (previously at Neatorama). You know it's an illusion, but you still cringe just a little as people walk right into the abyss. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Actually all it would take is for Miss Cellenia or another Neatorama staff to politely ask me to refrain from posting comments. I do it all the time for my family. Keep my mouth shut. I was just at a party over the weekend in which a gentleman asked his grand-daughter what her favorite color is, she said "blue". I was standing near-by and said "You know I don't have a favorite color, I like them all just the same." her grand-father then corrected me "It doesn't really apply to colors." Moments later the grand-daughter was playing with smooth grey stones and remarked on one of them "This one is special!" to which her mother said "God created them all special." and moments later she found another stone which she claimed was special, this time the grand-father said "They are all special!"

I see a contradiction here, you are teaching the little girl to pick favorites when it comes to colors, but then maintaining that all stones are created equal. Another party-goer spoke as well "Actually, you want to know how those stones are made? Water and sand!" (referring to weathering effects). Which was clearly a veiled jab at their religious beliefs. Later that night we left to another party with the party-goer who had remarked on weathering causes of stone shapes. While there we were presented with a audio-clip which was highly critical of Christianity and satirically depicted God as the Flying Spaghetti monster. One of the most memorable lines was "If this offends you, then f-k you!" and this I thought was incredibly shallow-minded. But when I tried to explain to the host that I thought it was offensive, not because it challenged my beliefs, but because they clearly didn't care if they did offend anyone and appeared to be trying to offend, she didn't want to discuss it. At best the clip is something like-minded individuals can listen to and get a gleeful sense of intellectual superiority, but they are missing the true theological meaning of Christianity as given by the church or the high priests, they are only really making fun of the idyllic mythology of childish Christianity. But they don't want to know! They don't want to know what the truth is, neither Christians or Atheists or anyone wants the truth. They want to feel superior, like they have the right stuff, and they can turn around and point the finger, and say I'm innocent, they are to blame.

Of course, I didn't say much, I know how stubborn people are especially when it comes to these ridiculous beliefs. But you can't teach a child to pick favorites and then expect it will only apply that mechanism to colors and not stones or people. Of course I've studied Christianity at least as much as them and frequently cite passages they are unawares of, and when it comes to science... well I know and understand quite a lot. Like I said to my GF, your dad's hobby is RC helicopters and Harley motorcycles, and because that is his interest he can talk about it and share it with others, but because my interest is psychology, philosophy, and religion, and more particularly depth psychology, I can't share, everything I have to share is offensive to someone.

I get it, so it doesn't take much and I'll be gone. I will just look at the neat pictures and perpetually bite my tongue. So as not to hurt your feelings. I already do it in every other aspect of my life; I can't lecture my boss on his managerial skills or organizational policies, it doesn't matter how much I enjoy behavioral economics.
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