Art Made from the Artists' Bodily Fluids

Gross. This gallery of images and video feature artwork made from sweat, urine, spit, frozen blood and... well, just about anything that comes out of or off of your body. From paintings to sculptures to uber-macabre book bindings, thre's a bit of weirdness here for every branch of creativity.  If you think you can stomach it, view the gallery on Flavorwire. Link

Image: Marc Quinn

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This reminds me of the British spaceship comedy teevee show /Hyperdrive/, in which Eduardo York creates a living copy of himself from his own bodily secretions. And it's creepy, but the creature ends up sacrificing itself to save everyone else. As it crashes a shuttle into an oncoming ship to divert it from destroying the HMS Camden Lock, it says, "I'm doing it for you, Eduardo."
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I have seen this work, "Self", in a private collection at a home in Dallas. I can assure you, it's no less strange when you see it in person. Fascinating, sure, but creepy.
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Watching the video of #5 on that list (the vomiting artist) nearly made me want to vomit myself.

I don't think I'll ever hear that opera music again without picturing that now...ew.
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"Art Made from the Artists' Bodily Fluids"

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