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You thought you left behind popularity contests when you graduated high school, right? Think again. The World's Most Exclusive Website lets you "in" to their virtual club on levels based on your number of followers on Twitter.

I didn't even get through the front door because I don't have a verified account. "Verified Twitter accounts are reserved for the famous or otherwise socially significant," the site informed me, and redirected me to a "less discriminating" site - Olive Garden.

To get past the first page, you need to have a verified account, obviously.
The second page requires 5,000 followers. It also tells you who else has been able to access that level so far, so you can compare your popularity. You know, just for that added kick in the gut. ("What do you mean @BronxZoosCobra has more followers than me?")
Door three requires 25,000 followers.
You're stopped at Door four unless 100,000 people care about your Tweets.
The fifth entrance means you need to have half a million followers to proceed through.
The secret entrance of door six must have made Ryan Seacrest (who posted photos of his progress) really excited that he has more than a million people hanging on his every Tweet.
But the stone door frame on the seventh page is where he got stopped for lacking the required five million followers.

If you're not a celebrity, don't worry... apparently the terribly exclusive site is also terribly easy to hack. You can view every room (even the ones no one has accessed yet) right here without so much as ever Tweeting a single character.

Link via Mashable

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Brilliant use of a current meme to get yourself posted all over the internet. And if those pictures is all there is to it, it's basically just a proof of concept anyway. Well done.

(Not that I approve bullshit like this. ;))
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The very idea of it makes me want to tear my heart out of it's chest and jettison it into space so that I don't have to hear it scream anymore.

So they say; you can't truly despise elitism if you secretly wish to be one of the elite. I don't, nor do I care to see what this website looks like, at all. Speculating, I would think it would only be attractive to those who are envious of elitism.

On another point; what these people see in this digital environment can never be as profound or amazing as that which one can see by looking correctly at the everyday world. There is a lascivious tendency of humans to pursue sweeter and sweeter fruit only to be over-satiated to the point of disgust, with the resultant desire to never eat said fruit again. Which was the spiritual tactics of the Hedonists (in the historic sense), if I just consume so much it makes me sick I won't want to consume anymore. But isn't it enough to simulate the sensation and quit while your ahead? I can imagine that in the heights of elitism and celebrity, one can feel pretty sick indeed.
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