Angry Gorilla in Shark Pants

A man who is wearing a shark for a pair of pants has my respect. A gorilla, doubly so. If he declares himself the #1 Dad, who am I to dispute it?

This image by Phineas Jones is the label for a beer by 3 Floyds Brewery. Jones writes "It's pretty self-explanatory." Indeed.

Link via Super Punch | Photo: Artist's Website

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I'm pasting this from the Flickr thread where there has been some discussion of the topic which has been so thoughtfully and eloquently discoursed upon above:

I have talked this over with 3 Floyds and I understand that they believed at the time of commissioning that they had sign-off on this from all concerned parties. Neither they nor I went into this thinking we were getting away with something or ripping off someone else's work. They don't need to steal from anyone else, and neither do I. It was my understanding from the start that we were making a tribute to their late friend and employee, Rich. And that everyone was behind it.

I'm honestly quite confused by the details of what exactly is going on and so I'm hesitant to comment any more specifically other than to say that my work was done in good faith and not to cheat or steal from anyone. And to the extent that I know 3 Floyds, their work, and reputation I'm sure they would say the same. There may well have been a misunderstanding here, but there was certainly no underhanded motive.

But if you think that I have (or ever would) consciously steal someone else's work, it's because you don't know me (which you clearly don't) or what I do.

/end quote

If anyone would like to discuss my integrity further, feel free to take it up with me directly in a more rational manner. I am very easy to google. I don't expect to hear anything.
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Chris did Rich's tattoo, and quite a few others on him, cared about Rich, and knew him. Why they would let someone use and steal his art is beyond me. Love ya Rich, hate this shit.
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phineas jones regarding people getting his work tattooed..."I am naturally baffled the idea that someone who likes my work enough to pay to have it permanently etched onto their bodies would think that I wouldn’t want to be compensated for having originated their tattoo design. "
Instead of being honored by the fact that someone likes his work enough to get it tattooed, he wants to be paid. But somehow he finds it justifiable plagiarizing somenone's art without even running it by them, and im assuming he got paid for it.That is fucked up.
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