How To Live Forever

A new documentary is coming out that explores living longer and the age old pursuit of living forever. The most interesting feature of the documentary is this 101 year old British man who drinks several pints of beer a day and smokes just as much while he runs a marathon and works a full time job. Do you think it’s possible to live forever with the aid of technology in the near future? See video clips at the link.


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Yeah Natey. its much better to live healthy eat organic
not smoke not drink.
And still die of cancer at 35.
NO THANKS i rather live and enjoy all the stimuli that i can get my hands on.
And let the end come as a surprise as it proberly will anyways. no mather how you live.
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I hate the examples of people who smoke,drink, and eat a pound of bacon every morning... and then they live to be 110.

If you ask my completely unscientific opinion, it's genetics. If you're going to live a long life (all else, such as diet, being equal), it's because that's your genetic inclination.

Just think of how much longer the 110 year old chain-smoking bacon-eater would have lived had he or she not spent years destroying his/her innards.

Likewise, the person in the documentary would be able to perform much better in the marathon had he not been smoking like a chimney. It's a waste.

So that begs the question; will a good diet and exercise actually "extend" your life... or will they just help you live up to your genetic potential?
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