App Lets Your Baby Choose Its Own Name

The worst thing about being a future parent has to be picking a name, right? Because who really wants to do that? (Insert eyeroll here.)

The new Kick to Pick app lets your unborn baby pick up the grunt work by choosing the name he or she would like to carry through life. No, really. Sort of.
The app randomly generates thousands of baby names. All parents have to do is launch the generator, place the phone on the baby bump, and wait for the little guy – or gal – to give a big kick. The app monitors the baby's movements, and any large kick detected will stop the generator and reveal what the baby has chosen.

And if you feel like you're probably throwing 99 cents down the proverbial drain, the app's creator wants you to know that this is a legitimate problem, this parents-naming-the-baby thing.
"The idea for Kick to Pick came from a discussion about baby's choices and the fact they had no influence over the name they go onto keep for the rest of their lives,” said Nathan Parks, the creator of the app, in a statement.

I would roll my eyes again, but then I remember that there are children named Pilot Inspektor and Petal Blossom Rainbow in the world. So maybe we should just sell the app to pregnant celebrities.

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This reminds me of the time N?gasena was called to the attenion of King Milinda and King Milinda asked Nagasena's name Nagasena renounced his name as a mere empty word. (

They don't mean anything but as symbols how attached to them can you really be? If I didn't like my name "Ryan" and preferred something like "Man-with-head-in-books" or Swami-Rayananda-El-Bhodiccita, I could just change it.
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Some(?) Native American tribes had the right idea, give the kid a temporary name at birth then when they grow up change it to something that reflects their actual personality or achievements.
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