A Drug That Could Erase Your Memories

If you could take a drug that would erase only your bad memories and memories of being afraid, would you take it? Metyrapone is a drug that could do just that. While there are some obvious advantages to not remembering certain experiences, the negative side effects could outweigh the positive.
This drug could be a boon to therapists trying to help people deal with trauma. But it's also terrifying when you consider how it could be used to rewrite the way people remember what's happened to them. Instead of mistrusting somebody who hurt you, you'd have nothing but neutral feelings about them. And instead of learning from your painful  mistakes, you'd be left in a constant state of ill-informed naiveté.?


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My childhood was full of trauma and pain that I will not describe here. If all those memories were erased, I wouldn't have been able to understand why my life is so screwed up, the reasons for my shortcomings, and how to get on with my life in spite of everything.

"Why can't you just forget about it and move on" is something I've often heard. Well forgetting that you have no legs will not help you walk.
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I wouldn't mind forgetting some awful things from my childhood. Maybe not ALL of it so I'll at least remember why I hate certain people, but a few of those memories I'd be more than willing to forget.
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