Mysterious Markings Discovered at Great Pyramid of Giza

Archeologists have used robots to uncover some new and strange symbols inside an unexplored portion of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The robots where able to fit inside a space that is too small people to reach.

"The big question is the purpose of these tunnels," he added. "There are architectural explanations, symbolic explanations, religious explanations -- even ones relating to the alignment of the stars -- but the final word on them is yet to be written. The challenge is that no human can fit inside these channels so the only way to do this exploration is with robots."


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Everybody interested in this should read "The Giza Power Plant" by Christopher Dunn. It’s probably the most comprehensive study of the Great Pyramid to date. There are videos on video. Google of presentations (also called "The Giza Power Plant") Christopher Dunn has given which cover many of the details.

Dunn reveals things about the Great Pyramid that can hardly be comprehended by the average brain.
He documents the existence surfaces inside the pyramid so flat that for over 100 feet the maximum variation is 2/10,000's of a single inch. This is virtually unparalleled in modern architecture, and if nowadays it was attempted, it would involve a HUGE amount of effort, and would only be done if it provided some type of benefit for the surfaces
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"Mysterious Markings Discovered at Great Pyramid of Giza"

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