Most Distant Object Ever Seen

A gamma ray burst may be most distant object from Earth ever observed. The object is so far that it is giving scientists a glimmer into the early universe.

GRB 090429B (the numbered name denotes its April 29, 2009, discovery) is estimated to be some 13.14 billion light years away from Earth. Given that the universe is only estimated to be about 13.7 billion years old, that makes the source of this light really young in a cosmic sense, originating when the universe was just 4 percent of its current age and 10 percent of its present size. It’s also way, way out there, further than any confirmed quasar or galaxy on the books.

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Second Harley.

Is the light young ?

If so that posit is not proved by the 4% and 10%

Did they mean 4% off? like a fire sale?

Still a poor breakdown.
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See, but humans are part of the fabric of space-time. So we can never expect to see "outside" the universe. It's actually pretty silly to try. The universe will just continue to enfold on itself hiding its true nature and apparently expanding forever into the distance. In the philosophical sense, what we have in cosmology is a type of naive materialism. "Matter" is a percept and concept of the conscious mind and what exists as "noumena" is beyond our five senses. But western society has been largely shaped by naturalists.
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