Cat Plays Shell Game


 (YouTube link) Frida, a cat that lives in Berlin, has a good eye! -via reddit

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Thanks for the link. I thought about it some more last night too. I have two cats and figured they probably have object permanence based on my experiences with them.

@Miss Cellania

Sorry for being overly critical. My mind is in the books and found I was extraordinarily critical yesterday, though I'm finding I'm fairly critical most of the time. In Philosophy criticism and argument take a different non-hostile form, and I forget that doesn't apply colloquially. The video is cute, but I guess I'm much more interested in the cognition of the cat.
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I was referring to 2/3 being an indication of some kind of empirical fact of the cat's intellectual or visual acuity. I'm skeptical the cat even has object permamence, let alone the ability to track the hidden object over multiple transitions.
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I will remind you of the rule we have around here: no personal attacks on other commenters. I have removed a couple of comments. Let's keep this discussion on the subject and no more name calling.
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"Cat Plays Shell Game"

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