The Secret Life of Storage Units in Honolulu

What could be interesting about the business of renting storage units? The fact that they are used for so many other things besides storage! Renting a storage unit is cheaper than renting office space, retail space, a gym, or a home, so people make do.
The only other person here is Jai Rodgers, front man for the band Breath of Fire, and he’s about to make some serious noise.

Rodgers has the obligatory boyish face and long hair of a lead singer, which he hastily pushes out of his eyes as struggles to plug in his microphone. His band only has 45 minutes to practice before showtime and Jai is ready to get warmed up.

This corrugated metal box is the band’s first real practice spot. “We were paying $35 for two hours at a studio in Kailua. This place is a lot cheaper and we don’t have to make an appointment. Plus, we wanted to be able to store stuff after gigs at, like, 3 a.m.,” says Rodgers.

Honolulu Magazine has many other stories of people getting creative with rented storage units. Link -via Metafilter

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This is NOTHING new. In fact, here in Minneapolis many rental units in the uptown area make it a point to tell people that they cannot use it for rehearsal space.

WAY to many Metallica cover-bands ruining it for the rest of us.
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My husband and I had an idea to intentionally set up a site like this! It would look and serve as storage, but people could fix cars (with restrictions), use power tools, play music -- whatever! The intended clients would be people who lived in apartments or places that didn't afford them space for their hobbies. Would probably be a nightmare to permit, though.
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