Embryo Frozen for 20 Years Gets Born

What if you could put your baby on hold for twenty years? Would you do it? Scientists have now been able to achieve just that.
Imagine being born at the age of 20. Doctors at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Virginia have made history by implanting a 20 year old frozen embryo and having it successfully brought to term.


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Splint, I used to play D&D with teenage boys like that. "We don't belong in this century. We should have been born into the time of paladins and rangers, because that's really who we are. We're throwbacks!"

Pfft. Mostly it was young guys too lazy to do anything except smoke pot and play games, much less contribute to the upkeep of a household.
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It would be nice if we could do this with 12 year-olds. They are so demanding of time, especially mine, and I'm at a point in my career where putting the kid on ice for a while would be really helpful.
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I wonder if we found an ice age woman, like we found Ootzi, or whatever his name is, and she stayed frozen rather than partial thawout and she was in early pregancy at the time she died and then got frozen very quickly, would we be able to implant that embryo into a human? That would be crazy. Imagine being a teenager and learning that you were supposed to be born thousands of years ago. That'd be awesome or terrifying.
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