Women Falling Down in Romantic Comedies

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It's not a romantic comedy until a beautiful woman takes a headlong plunge, which is not only a hint at comedy, but is often a way to set her up to meet someone who will turn out to be the man of her dreams. This goes so fast- is Romancing the Stone in there? That was the greatest fall of all. From Nerve. Link -via The High Definite

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Just as the term "Magical Negro" is now a wikipedia entry, we need to coin a term for "She Shows Up to be Shown Up" or "White Males in Desperate Need of Reassurance" syndrome. A former sci-fi writer left Hollywood when he figured out they only want plots in which "Boy meets girl, girl gets boy into pickle, boy gets pickle into girl." Just as the Black guy has to be "out of the picture" before the rescued damsel is appropriately grateful (queue the ocean), a female character, especially with "Dr." in front of her name, has to fall on her face. See? We don't have to take her seriously. Rom-com or drama, unless you want your film to be a near-future embarrassment, learn from the trailer for "Evolution" - don't produce a flop.
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It's like watching internet cat videos, really.

Normally cool, attractive and graceful thing does something awkward, silly, and maybe even perilous. And then,

...Instinct to protect and nurture, ...

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"Women Falling Down in Romantic Comedies"

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