No Farting On The School Bus!

What's funnier than a fart joke on the Internet? Fart news on the Internet, of course!

Here's a story of how two 13-year-old boys got into a bus-load of trouble when they cut the cheese on the bus:

Administrators ruled that the flatulence was in violation of the school's code of conduct, but if you ask Nichols' parents, the decision reeks of poor judgement.

"It's very laughable, that's what it is," said Anthony's father, James Nichols. He said he spoke with the school's vice principal, Daniel Senu-Oke, who "suggested my son should hold his gas on this hour-long bus ride."

For a concerned parent, however, that answer just doesn't cut it.

"When it happens, it just happens," he said. "It's not intentional."

But perhaps it is. According to the bus driver and school officials, the 13-year-old Nichols and his partner in crime are repeat offenders with a history of passing gas on the school bus.


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My anal sphincter purposes to stop the flow of flatulence and fecal matter. At least for small periods of time. I do what I can to pass gas in uninhabited zones.
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My implication that you were trolling, was that your appeared to try to provoke some sort of emotional response from me.
My initial response was "and maybe you shouldn't put your kids on, unless they can behave." But that is what the Internet troll wants for a reply.

Driving a school bus is no easy task. It is not rocket science, but it comes with it's own set of stressful situations.
The job is to get the kids to and from school in a safe manner, and so that everyone arrives in "one piece". There are rules for the students in place for them to behave, as you are not their parent and you cannot simply discipline them right then and there . And yes, you can get kids to be quiet on a school bus, and that is by enforcing the rules.

My impression from the different stories, are that the boys "let it rip" because it got a reaction from the rest of the kids. That is why I tell my kids to open a window. That way when they do, the wind carries some of the stink away and the reaction of "OMG!! FART!!!" is less.

This is one of those "walk a mile in someone's shoes" kind of situations. Everyone thinks their job is difficult. And everyone else thinks your job is simple.
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@ Frau

No I wasn't trolling, I was disagreeing with you. There's a difference.

Maybe you can keep kids quiet in a car, but on a school bus? And I want to be there when the teacher or bus driver starts the ride by saying: "no farting allowed!"

Your "reply" however qualified much better.

If you don't like me, fine, I don't expect to, I don't like everybody either. If you disagree with me, fine, just say so.
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