$1000 Popsicle

The Marquis Los Cabos resort in Mexico now offers a thousand-dollar popsicle. What makes it so pricey? It's made with 24-carat gold flakes and a luxury band of tequila that costs $1500 a bottle.

The icy treat is served poolside on a classic plastic stick and has a little sugar in it to take the edge off, though salt would seem to be more appropriate.

The patrician popsicle joins a world of fantasy foods that includes the $1,000 pizza served at Nino’s Bellisima restaurant in New York and the $1,200 Mai Tai mixed up at the the Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Ireland.

Link via Born Rich | Photo: Fox News

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Yeah, what's with the plastic stick? That would seem to be the most logical part to fancy it up. Plus, you would actually get to keep it as a valuable souvenir.

As far as "yay, the rich people are awesome because they spend their money" attitude, why can't they spend it on ME?
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Yeah thank god for rich people or else housemaids or gardeners wouldn't have a job. [sarc] You can't blame most rich people for being rich, most are born into riches in fact. (Which doesn't mean you have to like them, for some reason - I don't know why [sarc] - they are also a**h*les, buy that's another story.

This gross difference in wealth and living standards just illustrates imo that there is something wrong with the way our world works.
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@dparks i admit that i know next to nothing about economics and such...but i have to agree with you. if pretentious rich people are willing to pay $1000.00 for basically nothing - that puts $1000.00 back into circulation. so, isn't it a good thing that there are rich people out there spending their money whether it be on useful or useless crap?

yeah, it's annoying that they can buy a popsicle that costs more than most people are able to spend on a couple months worth of food...but hey, at least we get the money back in circulation AND we get to laugh at them...plus they get a bitchin' popsicle. everybody's happy!
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