Interactive Scale of The Universe

If you really want to feel small and insignificant today, take a look at this sliding scale of the universe. The scale takes us all the way from the building blocks of matter to the edge of the visible universe.

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So actually this could be the difference between causal-chain determinism and what's called block-universe determinism. In Causal-Chain determinism time is assumed to flow from past to future, whereby the future is determined by the past. In Block-Universe determinism there is a vertical causation that extends to the limits of the present moment. The identity of each 'thing' within the present moment is caused or dependent on every thing else. Block-Universe determinism conceives of causality as a co-operative enterprise between everything that is currently in existence.

The best way I can illustrate is to take a rubber balloon and blow it up. Now that I have an expanded rubber balloon I'm going to ask, what is causing the shape of the balloon? And, is that cause acting on the balloon from somewhere in the past? Or is the air in the balloon and the tendency of the balloon to collapse co-acting on each other to form the shape of the balloon in real-time, in the present moment? Or does the air and balloon variously react to each other in a serial time sequence as causal-chain determinism would suggest?
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The universe wouldn't exist without someone to say "That is the 'universe'". Existence is bound up in our phenomenal experience of it. Yet, we are it. Without reality feeding back on itself in the form of perceptual agents, there would be no definition, no identity and thus no existence.
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