2000 Year Old Computer Made From Legos

Andrew Carol’s works a day job as an engineer for Apple, but in his spare time uses his skills to recreate ancient computers out of Legos. See link for video.
Recently, Carol has completed his biggest challenge yet: a working Lego replica of the famous Antikythera Mechanism, created by ancient Greeks in 100 B.C. as a way of predicting astronomical events like eclipses.


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@psulli. Go on then, WTF are you talking about. Why 2000 years? What makes you think the universe has "held this design in its clutches for 2000 years"?
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We are some weird-ass monkeys, aren't we? And the universe is a weirdo place, too.

It had held this design silently in its clutches, unbeknownst to any living thing for 2000 years. And then **POOF** in less than a decade of study we monkeys are now strumming the design in LEGO.
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"2000 Year Old Computer Made From Legos "

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