Sitting Down All Day = Really Bad For You

No doubt you knew that already, but since so many of us do sit for eight+ hours a day (I do, and I have no excuse... I have a stand-up desk at work), I thought these cool infographics were a good reminder. A few more of the stats you'll find on the full graphic: Obese people sit for 2.5 hours a day more than thin people, walking burns 3-5 times the calories sitting does and people with sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease as people with standing jobs.

I think it's awesome that these retro-cool graphics were created by Medical Billing and Coding - it's nice to see people being innovative with design and typeface even in industries that don't necessarily require it. Now quit reading this and go do a lap around your office building.


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I wonder if obese people sit more because, well, they're obese. Many years ago I read about the benefits of squatting, versus sitting. It took a few years of stretching and muscle training but I don't really need a chair anymore. I can get down in the squat position and watch a movie or sporting event like that. It's very comfy, now but when I first started anything more than a minute was painful. Of course it does leave you open to a groin hits which I'm always mindful of.
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Way to make someone feel guilty. Very neat.

Stacy, how is your standing desk? Why do you sit when you have one? Just curious as our office has discussed buying them but no one is convinced.
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