Testing Brakes on a 747-8

(video link)

That's a big plane! What if it had to abort a takeoff while it's going at 200 mph? With worn brakes? See what happens. Link -via reddit

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@ Limbo

Yeah ok, that makes sense. In my defense: I was asking questions (and explaining my motivations for the questions) and I did get an answer, so thx. :))
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Some people are hard to please. I think glowing brakes and self-deflating tires are pretty neat, myself. I never really thought about the engineering concerns involved in stopping several hundred tons dead from a rate of 200 MPH.
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The test is designed and supervised by the FAA. Boeing does conduct the test themselves (it's their airplane), but the have to satisfy the FAA's inspectors; otherwise the plane won't get certified.

Also, it's in Boeing's interest to do good testing. A plane isn't like a toaster - any time ONE has a problem, it makes the news immediately. Fleets get grounded, investigations get launched, customers get angry, money gets lost. It's much cheaper to do proper tests than release a plane with defects.

Not that Boeing doesn't do shady things - they absolutely do! But this isn't one of them :)
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Huh? No need to apologize. I'm just saying whatever jumps into my head really, don't take it too seriously (not that I really think that you do). ;)

But hey, if you are pushing some aviation agenda here, we need to get on top of it.

(Just kidding.)

(No I'm not!)
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