Road Net Brings Heavy, Speeding Trucks to an Immediate Halt

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Barrier1 Systems is a defense contractor that has developed a number of amazing retractable road blocking systems. The above video shows several of them, starting with a net that can be kept below the surface of the road, then deployed in an emergency. Hitting one of them is like slamming into a brick wall.

Company Website via Geekologie

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@KCanathema, @MadBiker Wolf

Yeah, just right when those yankees forgot the orders to let a car pass with max priority thru a post gate: they shot to death an allied secret service agent, his driver and wounded the hostage he just recovered.

Just the first one to come to my mind.

How could anything go wrong?
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Approaching the local post gate means that I slow to 15 mph and then stop to show my ID. There are signs, lights, concrete barriers and soldiers anticipating this and clearly demonstrating that I need to slow down and prepare to stop. Any car that increases speed and charges the gate needs to be stopped, and if that involves this net, so be it.
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Yes, MadBiker. Law enforcement got it right every time they thought a suspicious vehicle had a bomb in it. I don't see how this could backfire at all.
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Car bombs. Do you all suffer from amnesia? Do you truly have the an attention span measured in Internet time? It was not that long ago that bad guys (or heroic freedom fighters to some of you) were running roadblocks with trucks and cars filled with explosives (ya know, the stuff that goes bang and makes a big noise and makes a lot of ouchies).

Perhaps preventing these simple, misunderstood members of a passionate culture should be able to drive their bang-mobiles at high speed into an outdoor market. I guess it wouldn't be "good" and would make anyone who put up a defense like this members of a police-state.
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