TomTom GPS Sends Your Speed to The Cops


It’s bad enough worrying about the police pulling you over while you’re doing your Vin Diesel  in The Fast and Furious impression on the interstate.   Now however you have real reason to be paranoid. The makers of the TomTom GPS have admitted that they divulge  speed and route information to law enforcement.

It appears every gadget in your possession is tracking your location. First it was the iPhone, then Android phones and now it's your bleedin' sat-nav. TomTom, perhaps in a pre-emptive strike against its own user-tracking scandal, has admitted its sat-navs can track users and inform third parties about how fast they're going.


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I thought years ago when Onstar was introduced I said its only a matter of time that it rats out your driving habits to your insurance company. If there is money to be made it will happen.
I also thought about the bluetooth in some cars could be accessed by a police car to check your seatbelt or other possible safety issues.
My seat belt sensor is faulty and it will sometime indicate the seat belt is not latched. Replaced it once allready.
I feel its to intrusive.
"Papers please"
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This is WRONG on SOOO many different levels! I feel that as a tom-tom user, I own that information it collects ( I paid for it) and I alone should be able to control what happens to this information. If it was to be sold/leased ,I should be compensated as it was my fuel and time and vehicle that collected this information. I feel even to give this information anonymously is a threat to my civil rights as it tells the police where and when to catch me speeding.( I know speeding is against the law) but this is a violation of search and seizure. What's next ? them having cameras in your home to see what you are up to?- A very slippery slope indeed.
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The question I can't seem to find any answer to is: have they ever hidden the fact that this anonymous information is available to governments?

If they haven't, there's no reason to treat them as bastards. If law enforcement uses the information in a bastard-y way, then get mad at that.

I suggest reading the original statement ( rather than someone opinion about it. Because let's be honest, the tone of the article doesn't seem all that impartial.
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