Other Single Princes

Now that Prince William is getting hitched, who will young girls dream about? Buzzfeed rounded up eleven young princes from all over who have yet to sweep a princess off her feet and take her to live happily ever after. If I were thirty years younger... Pictured is Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. Sweden is a nice country. Link

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Marishka really? The broken window fallacy was put to bed by Bastiat eons ago. That's like drawing bath water out of the tub at one end, spilling some, pouring into the other end, and claiming that you are filling the tub.

Money is being drawn from the already struggling UK private sector, and blown on fripperies. Even assuming an uber-optimistic supposition that there will be no waste and that cost will be kept to a minimum (which is insane already) how does it benefit the English economy in the long term to raise the cost of useful items like food, cars, and furniture, to subsidize wedding themed knickknacks? Is that the best industry to develop in the UK? snow globes and royal wedding t-shirts?
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Sorry to be a jerk & slightly OT, but it's funny how many thoroughly average women/girls decide they're going to shoot for the alpha males and nobody else.

@marishka: You, FTW.
The marginal rate of savings ensures that not only will all kinds of people get work out of the event, but they will then reflux a portion of their income out to the merchants and servicepeople of their own choice.

Last time I checked, I ~think the MRS for the USA was 0.3. If its similar in the UK, then the total bump for them will be great, and around about +233.333 Million to their economy.
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Yes, but that $100 million dollars is being spent, which means it goes into the economy, which means it goes to people. The policemen getting overtime, the dressmakers, the caterers. the street cleaners. And think of all of the ancillary monies from people coming to London for the event -- restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops. I think it could be a bigger money maker for the UK than the Olympics.
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