14 Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught

In movies and television the killer always gets caught in the end.  We have come to expect that good will always triumph over evil no matter what. That’s why this list of fourteen serial killers who were never caught is important to remind us that sometimes the bad guy does get away. Most of the killers on the list you have heard of like Jack the Ripper and The Zodiac Killer. But then there is “Beer Man” named so because he left beer bottles beside the body of each of his victims.  Talk about a crazy party. Link

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I agree, we do think good prevails over evil.

I never used to think so, but now I do. Good ultimately prevails, because what is True is what is Good, and falsity is Bad. These killers live false lives and suffer for it, though on the surface it doesn't seem that way. (See: Criminology)

On the surface, bad-ness almost always wins. Lies win. Machiavellian people ascend to the highest status within our societies. They kill millions of people and seem to "get away" with it. But they can never get away from themselves. But we underestimate the suffering we bring on ourselves until its too late.
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Only in U.S. movies and TV. British movies/TV have always allowed more ambiguous endings. Perhaps other countries also - I don't know.

The U.S. does have a big "thing" for certitude at the ending.
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