Chemistry Set with No Chemicals

You have to wonder about the culture that creates a market for a toy like this. If you are afraid of your children using chemicals, why would you be interested in a chemistry set at all? Link -via The Daily What

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So if your kitchen must supply the chemicals for this "chemistry set", isn't the toy mainly just a bunch of plastic props for a child's imagined laboratory?
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I hate to ruin the fun, but if you actually go to the website, it's marketed as using simple kitchen chemicals for its experiments, which actually doesn't sound all that absurd to me.
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if it were aimed at 6 year olds i could see it, but the box says 10+...when i was around 9 i inherited my neighbor's old chem set that dated back to the 50s...had pretty much everything you would expect in a vintage chemistry set and i spent years fiddling with it...the idea that you could derive similar fascination from this toy seems far fetched
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Well, aside from the misinterpretation of what a 'chemical' is, this sounds like an interesting challenge to a toy company. Create a toy chemistry set which uses physical principals, tap water, and air to teach little kids about chemistry. No dyes of any sort (aside from the stuff in the plastic, right? ), no powders (and sand could get in their eyes, so that's out), no sharp corners, no heavy weights, no small parts, etc. But fun, educational, and surprisingly innovative. I don't know if this set is all that in the least, but it at least sounds like a good idea.
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