81-Year Old Beats Armed Home Invader Insensible with Frying Pan, Pitchfork

An armed robber entered the home of 81-year old Bobby Smith. That made Mr. Smith angry, and you don't want to make Mr. Smith angry:

The man told Smith to "gimme what you got" before shoving him to the ground and taking his wallet, according to the police report. That didn't stop Smith, who said he "went back after him." He grabbed the nearest weapon, while Sones grabbed for something else to give him.

"I grabbed the frying pan and hit him upside the head. I knocked his teeth out ... and he went to the floor," Smith said. "There was a pitchfork about six feet away. ... I stuck him."

Police soon caught the robber nearby. There's a video at the link.

Link via Say Uncle | Photo: Kelly Jordan/Times-Union

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Keep watching the news.. we got some tough old birds still out there that can take down these punks.. This man. There was an elderly woman in England that took down a jewelry robbery w/her purse.. others helped after she started it. I heard of how a young punk thought he was going to rob an elderly man of his wallet. A guy came around the corner to help the older man but ended up having to take the old man off the boy. The man was a Vet, ex-steel worker and wrestler. These kids don't realize what tey go up against. What they think is easy prey is someone that just f----- their day up.
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OMFG ppl need to stop the trend of writing headlines in the style of x did y, z. I EFFING HATE IT. It is unnessecary and looks gay. It might be smart from a programmers perspective but it comes across really annoying and obnoxious. It's almost as bad an idea as the Gawker sites' new layout. STOP IT PLEASE!!!
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