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Encyclopedia Dramatica was always a place to get in-depth information on internet culture, memes, and history, but the site was rarely linked here at Neatorama because it was NSFW and far from family-friendly. Now Encyclopedia Dramatica is no more, and a new site has risen in its place. The new Oh Internet is dedicated to the same type of information, but is not open to unlimited editing by users as ED was. Geekosystem has more on the big switch. Link to story. http://ohinternet.com/Main_Page to website.

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ED was always my go-to site whenever I was in need of lulz (or something horribly offensive to spray in HL2:DM, for the purpose of spreading said lulz). It was horrifying enough when beloved pages began disappearing or being edited into oblivion ( </3 "Offended"), but now...now everything's gone, replaced by a bastard phoenix that wouldn't know real lulz if it in the face.

TL;DR: ED-------->Good
New Guy--->Depress

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ED was a cited source for a year long project my junior year of college. I miss it dearly. Although, I had to warn my professor not to look up my source because of the threat of viruses.
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